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I promote health and wellness companies by writing thought-provoking articles so you can acquire more customers, leads, and traffic.

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Consumer Health Articles

30 years of expert healthcare experience, including educating patients, will add value to your Consumer Health Articles.  


Let me help you influence vacillators to your side of the solution with my healthcare expertise.

Healthcare Website Copy

Your website should be informative with each click. But, unfortunately, the upkeep can take time away from you. So let's hit the mark together and make your website THE place to review expert health information. 


Need an expert in various healthcare topics and want your own byline? Let's talk.


Using your selected keywords or SEO, I will write content that will attract more clicks to your website, increasing your brand awareness.  



Provide your patients with healthcare information written by an expert who can speak their language. 


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The adult children gathered together at the kitchen table, waiting to learn how to help their mom best.  ...

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